Welcome to Echota Pens, Panels & Gates,  an official  Northeast Gate Distributor.  Whether you are looking to purchase equipment for sheep, goat , mini horse , llama or  alpaca, round pens for horses ,  dog kennels or  digital livestock scales,  let Echota  supply all of your livestock  (galvanized) equipment needs.  We carry the full line of N.E. Gate products including the Original Goat Tote. We will  be adding  additional items to our inventory as they become available. If you do not see what you are looking for on our site, feel free to give us a call at (601)567-2513 for a full listing of equipment.  

Echota is also your one stop source for EMU products. As state coordinator and distribution center for E.P.M.I. ( Emu Products and Management Inc.), we carry what we believe to be one of the purest and highest quality emu oil product lines on the market.  Properly refined  emu oil is free of bacteria, steroids and hormones while retaining many beneficial fatty acids. Emu Oil is a natural skin softener and rejuvenator, containing high volumes of moisturizers. From Skin care  to Therapeutic rubs, Equine products to Leather goods, shop Echota  for all of your Emu product needs.

Katahdin Hair Sheep -  Shackaloa Creek Ranch ( SFCP - Certified Flock ).   Katahdins are "Easy Keepers". They have shedding hair coats ~  require NO Shearing, are heavy muscled, parasite resistant / tolerant,  low -management and the ewes are excellent mothers. 

Members of South Central Katahdin Hair Sheep Association , Katahdin Hair Sheep International  and the North American Hair Sheep Association.  





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