Goat Tote

If you have a goat, sheep, dog, pig, chicken, or any kind of small animal, this is the handiest piece of equipment you can own.  It weighs only 75 pounds and can be loaded easily by anyone, just slide it into your pickup.

The "Goat Tote" measures 47" wide by 40" tall by 5" long (47"x 40"x 60") and will fit into any full size pickup. The compact version measures 39" wide by 35" tall by 5" long (39' x 35" x 60"). 

The sliding gate makes loading more than one animal easy and the all galvanized metal construction insures that it will last for many years.

Also Available: "Custom Fit Cover"

  • Made of heavy duty vinyl/nylon
  • Sides roll up or down
  • Put it on or take it off everywhere you want
  • All One Piece construction - (NO CLAMPS)
  • Call for Prices


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